Anyone anywhere can organise a screening of Dear Albert. This could be at your college or university, treatment service, community centre, rehab, or you could hire your local independent cinema. Hosting a screening of Dear Albert is a great way to bring people together and raise awareness of the important issues around recovery from addiction.

To host a screening you need to purchase a ‘non-theatrical’ film licence, there are two types available:

Single screening licence: £45.00 plus VAT (£54.00)
A single audience at a single location.

Organisational licence: £90.00 plus VAT (£108.00)
A named organisation will be entitled to host any number screenings or Dear Albert at a single location.

• Upon booking you will receive a DVD and also an HD digital download
• If you’re screening in a cinema you will receive a DCP (Digital Cinema Print)
• You will need to provide your own facilities, venue, projector and screen or TV.

To make a booking please contact:

Dear Albert
0116 291 7298

Nick Hamer, Intrepid Media
0116 261 6862